How To Start A Home Based Roommate Finding Service Business

You can start home-based roommate finding service business with negligible investment. It is worth pointing in this regard that anybody who lives across the US in a city can join the bandwagon and can earn handsome money. What you require is a little bit of preparations and thinking, and some business sense as well as well to succeed.

The scope for income generation and market opportunities for roommate finding services are magnificent! In fact, increase in rents has far outpaced wage increases. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a process to bring down housing costs. Since expensive condominiums are made out of apartment complexes, the problem is fast becoming some sort of headache for most Americans, who run on limited budgets.

Woman Power:
According to experts, this kind of living arrangement is here to stay especially for apartment dwellers, because of its money saving nature. In fact, this is a perfect absentee owner business. For instance, large number of people operating on the West Coast have a woman doing all the managing work. This is because of the nature of the home-based roommate finding service business. There is no denying the fact that majority of individuals seems to generally trust a woman to find the right roommate for them.

Fee Structure:
Talking about fee structure, expert suggests something similar to fee structure of successful employment agencies. They charge everyone a $20 registration fee at the start for finding them a perfect roommate. Then they take a Polaroid snapshot of each individual who has registered. Then give them the application form, which will depict their choice regarding the kind of roommate they want.

For starters, you will require bank reference, a legal reference, telephone number, company name, letterhead, and business cards. In addition, you will require office supplies such as typewriter, file cabinet, and more importantly a printed questionnaire application form. Responsibility disclaimer is also very important in this regard. It can be combined with the applicant’s agreement -to-pay contract. Once you are through with the search of roommate for your client, it is important that you make it official through agreement that they will pay you 20% to 25% of the first months rent. It is worth mentioning in this regard that you can charge bit more for particular requirements and perhaps somewhat less especially for old age people and handicaps person.

There are many small business consultants available online who can help you to start a roommate finding service business and to run the business successfully.